Difficult to have a conversation about STAR Brokerage without talking about family. Family-owned, family-run since 1991. The company was built with an entrepreneurial spirit and bound together with loyalty and perseverance.This commitment to achieve the unimaginable began with one very hard-working man, Ken Holzheauser.

After graduating from the University of Texas at Austin, Ken served as Regional Sales Manager for Carnation Foods. With industry experience, Ken left Carnation to join food broker, Walling & Bell. He managed client business and later became a partner. In 1991, Ken opened the doors to STAR Brokerage Inc.

STAR Brokerage began as a one-person operation, now a team of sixty-five professionals located in the center of the country’s fourth largest city. Ken’s legacy of loyalty and determination runs deep within STAR Brokerage. Diverse, highly skilled, and hard-working people achieve the unimaginable everyday, because we’re all committed to the same business philosophy and core principles.

Business Philosophy & Core Principles

Not just words on a page – our guiding light in business and with the people 
 work with…
  • Results speak louder than words
  • If you’re not improving, you’re getting worse
  • Mission driven with a splash of creativity
  • Understand interdependent roles to gain new perspective
  • People do business with people, not brands nor companies
  • Create an entrepreneurial, collaborative, and innovative environment
  • Happy people are productive, sell more, and build stronger relationships
  • Maintain a financially strong company, invest and train top talent
  • Help others, give something back, and pay it forward

Timeline of Milestones

1991 STAR Brokerage founded by Ken Holzheauser

1995 Jimmy Ballinger, STAR business manager appointed partner

1998 Office expansion – STAR moves to its current headquarter location off Hayes Rd.

2001 Major consolidation in the broker industry – STAR experiences major growth

2004 Family legacy continues – Cal Holzheauser joins STAR post graduation from UT Austin

2008 Our client portfolio surpasses 100 CPG manufacturers

2011 STAR Brokerage celebrates its 20th anniversary

2011 STAR acquires Blackburn Brokerage, gaining West TX, NM, and CO market coverage

2011 Gary Fennerty appointed President of STAR Brokerage – Lubbock

2013 STAR surpasses $120 million in sales revenue

2013 Liz Holzheauser joins as VP, Sales & Marketing, leads strategic planning and innovation

2014 Redesigned company website launches

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