The Shelby Report Announcement, VP Sales and Marketing Joins STAR Brokerage – 1 Year Anniversary


We can’t believe it’s already been one year our Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Elisabeth (a.k.a. Liz) Urtado-Holzheauser joined STAR Brokerage, a boutique, Texas-based CPG brokerage company. She was recruited to join the company in June 2013 after receiving an M.B.A from the prestigious Rice University, Jones Graduate School of Business to lead strategic planning, innovation efforts, and key account management.


Since then, Liz has created and launched the newly redesigned, STAR Brokerage website and has established an online presence within social media platforms. Liz also manages a diverse portfolio of very happy clients including: importer – Market 5201, V&V Supremo, Hawaiian Isles Coffee, Duraflame, and Charlie’s Soap – all while building some valuable relationships amongst customers such as H-E-B and Grocers Supply.


Serving as the catalyst to new business growth, Liz’s team-oriented leadership style has made a significant positive impact on those who work with her. Liz states, “encouraging all levels of the company to participate in brainstorming and idea creation gives us the opportunity to explore all perspectives and communicate our shared goals. I am very excited about the future of STAR Brokerage, as the value we provide our CPG clients and retail and wholesale customers as an outsourced sales and marketing agency continues to improve everyday.” 


Here’s Liz’s original trade announcement that was featured in The Shelby Report, one of the leading publications for the food and grocery industry.  The Shelby Report is circulated each month to retailers, wholesalers, manufacturers, distributors, and brokers, delivering the latest regional and national supermarket news.



The Shelby Report Announcement, VP Sales & Marketing