Today, substantial challenges to grow sales and distribution with more diverse customers compounded with the pressure to cut costs and increase service is the norm. Our go-to-market solution addresses your trade promotion management challenges and provides the opportunity to put a stop to piecemeal operations. In essence, do more with less.


We take a holistic approach, providing seamless full-service coverage of the entire Texas market and with spill-over market trade customers who procure from Associated Wholesale Grocer’s and/or Affiliated Foods. We cover direct and indirect wholesale and retail customers giving you maximum sales potential.



Here’s How…


  • Customize trade promotion and customer service force tailored to customer needs


  • Use our planning tools to more accurately project and evaluate the effects of revenue, costs, promotion, gross margin profit, etc.


  • Leverage business manager expertise to develop the promotional strategies that attracts your target consumer demographic by customer


  • Gain the sales support of a collaborative team of account managers to execute your programs simultaneously


  • Design strategic merchandising plans while improving continuity coverage and number of in-store displays


  • Enhance the day-to-day process of performance tracking on implemented promotional tactics, giving you better results long-term 


  • Optimize customer service support and efficiency in managing deductions, purchase orders, and other supply chain issues




Our 4 step process in trade promotion management includes:




Step 1 – Analysis


Analyze sales and customer service needs. Define customers by a myriad of characteristics. For instance, existing accounts may be underdeveloped and/or under-served with potential for growth. Others, may be over-serviced and unprofitable. We help you determine prospective opportunities and identify the gaps, so promotional funds are prudently allocated for maximum return on investment.




Step 2 – Design


Create the promotional trade plan that meets volume and distribution goals  – all within budget and the given timeframe by developing the right mix of marketing initiatives:


  • New account brand development and/or existing account penetration


  • Customer service value-add, (i.e. merchandising displays, shopper marketing initiatives, direct-to-consumer engagement); and


  • Sustaining activities, (i.e. distribution, administration, deduction management, etc.)




Step 3 – Implementation


Better understanding your position within the trade market area, allows you to make smarter decisions on product mix, price, place, and promotion. Deploy the right combination of resources and capabilities. Diligently oversee implementation, as we provide on-going pricing and promotional reports, competitive activity audits, digital images and promotional ads by customer.




Step 4 – Management


Our business managers conduct trade promotional market reviews annually to assess performance and refine the strategies. This brainstorming session includes the entire go-to-market team, from account managers to retail merchandising and administration. We aim at gaining alignment amongst the team, discussing best practices, and setting shared goals to deliver more results year-over-year.  Here’s a snapshot of our annual go-to-market review .