We all know selling is the key to creating successful food, beverage, and consumer product brands.

Our go-to-market sales solution provides the capability to effectively represent your brand at the headquarter level, meet the sales and distribution business objectives, and focus on long-term growth and profitability with your customers.

Sales Team Infrastructure

At our core, we are a selling organization. For that reason, we recruit only the most experienced and trained sales professionals to deliver the results you want. We provide on-going sales training and professional development specific to customer, because our team is sales-force is a matrix structure categorized by retail customer teams.

  • Business managers oversees the team’s efforts and maintain alignment by tracking progress, follow-up on initiatives, creates accountability, and provides strategic direction. This allows for continuous feed back and continuous progress.
  • The sales team includes the various account managers who oversee the daily management of the account, retail merchandisers, and a dedicated customer service administrator.
  • Together, we share goals and openly communicate to flawless execute the selling, promotional, and merchandising strategy. You have access to all points of contact within the team, as many clients prefer.
Here’s our sales methodology…

sales methodology

Sales Planning
  • We provide sales planning and disciplined selling activities, consistently whether you are launching a new product or managing ongoing business
  • Gain the necessary focused attention in addition to our team’s deep knowledge and market/customer expertise.
  • Identify the opportunities, inform you on the slotting and merchandising fees, and service support required to exploit opportunities by customer. We cover the go-to-market questions – what, where, how, when, and who?
  • We create the sales road map for the development of your brand and use it as guide to prioritize activities, increase productivity, and refer to in future planning.
Customer and Channel Relationship Management

We use STAR Brokerage proprietary customer profiles to match your brand’s image and target consumer ranking customers to maximize sales potential.

  • We analyze the retailer’s brand image, pricing and promotional strategy, product assortment, format, etc.
  • Cross-reference customer trade market area demographic data to target your target
  • Dive into the competitive audits and compare the category and sub-category trends in the marketplace to best position your offering
Marketing Strategy

We do all the heavy lifting in preparation for the sales call, because we understand the importance of explaining your products concisely and accurately. We place heavy emphasis on discussing your product in relation to the customer’s strategy and in meeting the needs of their consumer.

  • Ensure product samples are properly presented, if possible
  • We also understand perception is everything – creating sales and marketing proposals and/or even improve the existing materials you already have
  • We can build a template for you to use for future sales calls
  • We offer customization by account, selecting the right images, messaging, and price and distribution category analysis reports relevant to the customer
Sales Execution

We offer shorter appointment lead-times and more productivity in Headquarter sales. Here’s a list of typical sales meetings we conduct on your behalf (many weekly):

  • New Item Presentations
  • Category Reviews
  • Quarterly Promotional Planning
  • Customer Event Coordination
  • Merchandising Planning
  • Brand Development
Sales Technology
  • Gain access to our internal and customer proprietary information systems to track sales post promotion, by customer, by merchandising strategy, etc.
  • We use the retail digital images and the store level pricing reports to support our sales tactics
  • Share educational and destructive insights that allow smarter decision making and positioning.
Dedicated Sales Support
  • Our sales management ERP software provides a database for sales research, planning, and tracking sales.
  • Weekly sales meeting to discuss customer and client activity, keeping alignment and progress amongst teams.
  • Due to scale and scope of our operation, we acquire vast amount of knowledge. and leverage it.
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