The competitive marketplace demands food, beverage, and consumer product companies to innovate and embrace winning practices in their go-to-market strategy.

Matching talent and resources to customer needs is crucial, as category management requires identifying the optimal product mix, pricing, and promotion to gain ACV market share. To develop a brand in the south-central region demonstrating commitment to a retailer’s success must occur through service and insights – all supported by a diverse and integrated team with solid business management capability… this is where STAR Brokerage comes in…

SMA services; CPG salesforce;

But you already know that, after all – that’s why you’re reading this website.
So, let’s get working…
What we’ll do for you?

We offer a complete suite of products and necessary services to help you every step of the way. Because blurry lines between sales, marketing, and retail functions exist – we offer multi-skilled, creative thinkers and doers that directly impact the bottom line in the most effective and efficient manner.

Why Us?

Definitely a good question to ask?

We’ve got several reasons why, but here’s a really powerful case study demonstrating value. Just like you, this client faced a challenge within the go-to-market process, and we fixed it.

Situation: 2013 Q4, using deep promotional bill-back trade funds to incentivize retailers to buy by the truckload, our team placed significant resources to execute the marketing and merchandising programs at all customers. However, during evaluation post-promotion, we verified the sales data showed less orders than projected.

Solution: Our team including: business manager, account manager, data analyst, and customer service administrator worked together to analyze internal sales data discrepancy with external sales data – identifying the a problem with diversion. We managed the entire resolution process and recovered funds – all before customers realized trade funding was ever in jeopardy and our client’s business with customers suffered.

Results: Thank you and great work by the STAR team! – Regional Sales Manager

Very nice work, that is always a tough negotiation. Good Selling! -National Sales Manager

Here’s some other service benefits you receive with us:
  • High-level, personalized service – from discovery through implementation and on-going management. We help you tailor the ideal product offering. Create an attractive sales presentation and promotional marketing program by customer. Get what you need exactly when you need it. Know experts are managing the business year after year. As Joe Pastrano, STAR H-E-B Sr. Account Executive says, “Rome wasn’t built in a day”.
  • Better navigate customers’ complex systems and complicated processes – our solution makes it simple for you.
  • Increase brand equity and incentive buying action at trade shows. We help design theme and ensure placement to attract customers, as well select the ideal product mix and deal offering. Increase ROI for trade events – we are pretty darn good at maximizing sales!

CPG sales; market share growth; outsourced SMA services

  • Access sales data and market research to support your positioning.
  • Create “shiny” sales sheets and marketing materials through us to improve your brand’s image and synergy to the target customer. We understand – they don’t sell the product on their own, perception and messaging can differentiate your brand from the rest.
  • Gain time to focus on the core of your operation. Our services align with the key performance areas we measure our own team’s performance. Rest assured knowing our team participates in weekly activity management to keep the communication and workflow progressing.
  • Develop stronger contacts in the market through us. Plus, we think you will like working with us.
  • Win, become the hero for your company. Winning is what we aspire to do for you. We help you do more with less through our offering of full-service coverage, as follows:
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